The Fair Formula One Championships is a fully independent private initiative. Founded 2014.

The purpose of The Fair Formula One Championships is to celebrate the sport of Formula One racing but also to highlight the issues of poor human rights in some of the regions of the world represented in the official FIA Formula One Championship Calendar.

The means of The Fair Formula One Championships are to create a parallell Formula One calendar with certain races excluded due to human rights issues.

The Fair Formula One Championships feel that Formula One racing should be possible to combine with social sustainability, just like the sport is continuously developing towards economic and ecological sustainability with great success.

One shall recognize that deciding about right and wrong on human right issues is not an easy task. Organisations and companies world wide struggles with this. The Fair Formula One Championships bases its judgment on reports from Amnesty International and from Human Rights Watch, but also on analysis of the specific situations regarding the respective races, action taken and lack of action taken from the FIA or the sport itself.

The Fair Formula One Championships recognize fully that presence and communication is often a very good thing and the necessary basis för further development. Simply ignoring an issue is not helping to solve it. Although, some times limits and boundaries need to be clarified. This is such an effort.